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Company : ObEN Inc
What is ObEN : An AI company that builds Avatar
Service provided to ObEN:
R&D Tax Credit Study, Tax Forms Filing, and IRS Tracking

$ 0 .00
Refund Received

Client Feedback:

Technology Credit provided  R&D study each year with minimal intrusion to our teams. 

We had challenges with our payroll service provider for not being able to process the refund claims on time or keep track with the IRS. Zhen’s team provided real-time support and got us refunds for those periods. 

Zhen walked us through the software so that our teams are clear of the technical questions being asked. We are extremely happy with the services provided. 

Client Feedback:

Technology credit provided timely and efficient Studies each year for us. Zhen coordinated with our CPA and the process was easy to follow. The price for the service was very reasonable compared to other service providers.

Zhen communicates very effectively with our team and provided the service with very little intrusion.

Company : ClearTech Media
What is ClearTech: Cleartech Media develops innovative system solutions  in video and audio that enable effective and seemingless communication and virtual interaction 
Service provided to ClearTech: R&D Tax Credit Study

$ 0 .00
Credits Captured Annually

Company : Idealab Incubator
What is Idealab : Well-known tech incubator with 45 IPOs since 1996
Service provided to Idealab:
R&D Tax Credit Study, Tax Forms Filing, and IRS Tracking for Idealab portfolio companies 

Client Feedback:

Technology Credit provided R&D studies for several Idealab’s portfolio companies since 2018. Zhen was always available and offered many assistances outside of the R&D studies to track refunds, and make amendment returns.  

The service offered by Technology Credit was often better priced while offering quality services. Our portfolio companies were also very happy with the no-upfront cost approach so that there is no negative cash flow for the services provided.  

We appreciate all the help and look forward to more collaboration together. 

Client Feedback:

In early days of Outer, our R&D credits were overlooked by other service providers based on our product. Technology Credit was able to discover technology in what we did and was able to capture the credits for the 2 years that qualified before we grew exponentially. 

Technology Credit also helped us file an amended payroll return immediately that would have taken our payroll service provider a long time to process. Best of all, they didn’t charge our fees until we got our refund check in the mail. 

Company:  Outer
What is Outer: Outer creates solutions that extends the outdoor living that are good for you and for the future of the planet. 
Service provided to ClearTech: R&D Tax Credit Study for the Showroom Platform 

$ 0 .00
Credits Captured in 2 Years
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