How to Use R&D analyzer

The R&D Tax Credit Analyzer is a fully automated SaaS that provides comprehensive R&D study for your company. 

We have combined our decades of R&D specific knowledge and audit experiences into our analyzer tool to ensure quality and affordable pricing for startups. 

The Analyzer is organized into 5 sections below:

  • It starts with Qualifying Questions, where we help your company define your eligibility and get to know your company's activities and industries.
  • The analyzer then take you to the Financial Questions section for inputting data needed for qualifying and quantifying your research activities.
  • The Qualifying Questions allows any person to input what your company has done, who performed what, and for how much time the activities were performed all in a self guided user experience.
  • Once the qualifying questions are completed, it takes you to the Documentation section to provide any supporting facts.
  • Once all of the above sections have been completed, you can unlock the Report section that helps generate a IRS-ready form 6765 for you or your CPA to claim the credit on your corporate tax return.

The analyzer doesn't stop at above mentioned steps. Through our extended service offerings, we help our startups ( at no cost, on our time, and using our proprietary software) track and file any necessary claims ( 941, or 941X) to get the money back. In essence, we are a one-stop shop if you call it, when it comes to helping your get your refundable credits back to your pocket. Don't let others fool you into their marketing/advertising of their services, You really need to consider quality of the study (we have done over decades at EY), cost, and customer services when it comes to selecting a service provider for you. 

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