How to Use R&D analyzer

We will go over how to use the R&D analyzer by Technology Credit and allow you to initiate, review, complete, and print study material On-demand

Why Startups Should Care about Qualified Small Business Stock

Startup Cares about Qualified Small Business Stock because it worth millions in tax savings upon an exit for both stock holders or investors. But getting your stocks to be QSBS takes some careful planning, and it is often never brought up until too late.

Startup - 83b Election

Get your 83b Election done right or it will become a costly problem to have. Startups normally overlook the importance of 83b because either its the founder‘s first time running business or they didn't get good advice from their legal counsel.

A Practical Guide to Cash Vs. Accrual Accounting for your Book Keeping

Selecting a method of accounting for your startup might seem to be an easy task. Most startup don't even know or care which way they are one. We will explain which method is better suited for your startup during different stages of your startup life.

Pick a Payroll Service Provider for Your Startup

Payroll service providers are a plenty these days. It has become a really popular SaaS but picking a right one for your Startup takes some careful consideration. Let us share some experiences with several of them that we have worked with.

How to Select a Service Provider R&D Tax Credit

Understanding what constitutes a legitimate R&D Study is important for your company from both legal and financial perspectives. At the end of the day, there are many benefits for claiming the Research Credit, and its more important to protect it.